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“We are currently in our 4th generation of dogs at Charlton. We bred our Lily with Jim’s Sage several years ago and we have always felt that our dogs were in good hands, first with Jim & Ellie, now with Betsy, family and staff.”
— Carla & Scott and Sage, SW Portland
“We LOVE Charlton Kennels! It is the only place we trust to watch over our four legged family member. Our dog has also been through the 30 day training program and we noticed a great deal of change in her behavior. She still has her moments, but Beth is always there for guidance and helpful tips to make us better owners. Our dog is much better since going to Charlton! We love the staff and all they do for us. We wouldn't kennel or have our dog trained anywhere else”. ”
— Lindsay V.
“I can’t thank you and your wonderful staff enough. I have needed to leave my 10 year old dachshund, Roy, more often than I would like. Fortunately Roy seems to enjoy all the attention he gets. He does not seem to mind when I drop him off and still seems glad to see me when I pick him up. Your loving care and attention make it easy for me to bring him to Charlton Kennels.”
— Kathy and Roy, SW Portland.
”We have used Charlton Kennels for over 15 years, through two generations of dogs, and sometimes for a stay of two to three weeks. The kennel has a lovely country location, on Sauvie Island, not far from the bridge. The staff at the kennel love dogs and our dog has always returned happy and healthy, so we highly recommend this place”
— Scilla & Alfred, NW Portland
“My son's friend has two active bird dogs and he recommended Charlton kennels as the ONLY place he would leave his dogs. My dog couldn't be more different, older, a bit of arthritis, and anxious when I leave. But the staff of Charlton Kennels is loving and professional and met her needs beautifully. She can even have a dog massage ( and she loves it). I have to travel at least 4 times a year and when I come back she looks lively, healthy, and happy. She even gets happy and excited when we pull up to the front door. The farm and kennel is beautifully kept and a great place for her to run around ( she likes the llamas). Now this is the ONLY place I would ever consider boarding my dog!”
— Anne and Xena, NW Portland
“Charlton Kennels was recommended by a behavioral vet for my rescue dog Olive. My dog has many challenges – she is anxious, aggressive and untrusting of others – and finding people to care for her during our trips out of town was challenging. She has been staying at Charlton Kennels regularly over the past four or so years, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the facility and staff. She is very well taken care of, and seems to love going there – she anxiously pulls me through the door each time we arrive! She has become very comfortable there – she takes treats from various staff members, allows Bill to pet her in the run when he’s cleaning, and seems in great spirits every time I pick her up. Finding Charlton Kennels has been a godsend – I cannot imagine where else we could take a dog like Olive without worrying about her safety. I highly recommend Charlton Kennels for all types of dogs, including those who, like Olive, have special challenges! "
— Janet and Olive, SE Portland
Expertise BadgeForrest Kolb sent us an award! Thank you, Forrest!
“You have cared for many of our dogs for a long time. Sidney, Petra and Chenko have all reported kind and helpful care while staying at Charlton. Each of them thought Charlton was their second home. Chenko now is the only one living. He is 11 years old. He is at Charlton as I write this so I will tell you about what he thinks. When he arrives he drags us in with wagging tale. We wonder why he so quickly forgets about us while so intent on reuniting to a place he has often stayed. He loves the staff. While we have traveled, he has stayed with Charlton frequently over his lifetime. He has been trained by Jane and he looks forward to his refresher courses with her each day he boards. We appreciate that everybody knows his name as he checks in. He knows he will get extra care and now he even gets a massage. Sauvie Island is far from Lake Oswego, yet is has been a place where we have gladly boarded our dogs for many, many years. Each of them has told us how much they enjoy their holiday at Charlton. Now Chenko, our Golden Retriever, echoes those views. He has been going to Charlton since he was a baby; when he first met Jane. He has learned from her. His personality has been shaped by the love and care he has received from the whole staff at Charlton. He is a happy dog to arrive at Charlton and he remains a happy dog when he gets to come home.”
— Ed, Marilyn and Chenko, Lake Oswego
geese flying on farm
Thousands of geese and sandhill cranes lift off from one of the farm fields.