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Dog Boarding Questions

How do I make reservations?
Please call us at 503-621-3675. Returning customers can make advanced email reservations on line. EMAIL by clicking here. Holiday reservations should be made over the phone as they tend to fill up quickly. Please note that you will need to make reservations well in advance for major holiday breaks and vacation season. If you are a new client and have questions, please call us!
What papers should I bring with me?
Dogs must have proof of current vaccination for Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper and Parvo Virus. Parainfluenza. Canine Influenza, Hepititis, Leptospirosis and a flea prevention regimine are strongly recommended. Cats must have proof of vaccination for Feline respiratory (or HCP), Feline Leukemia, and Rabies. You can have your vet fax the records to us at 503-621-1346 (preferred), or or you can bring a copy with you at check-in time. Please check with your vet!
My dog is shy and sweet with people, and OK around other dogs but really prefers people. Can she board with you?
Yes! We are the perfect place for your dog! Sweet people, sweet dogs and no interaction with other dogs.
Can I bring my new puppy to the kennel?
Puppies must be roughly 16 weeks old. Puppies can be boarded after they have received the required series of three vaccinations and boosters. They are usually 16 weeks old when this is complete. Make sure they have been immunized against Bordatella (kennel cough) and check with your veterinarian first. Rabies is required at 6 months.
Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?
No. Dogs can be unpredictable so we keep the contact limited to humans. Your dog gets a lot of attention while he is here at Charlton Kennels. They are fed in the morning and in the afternoon, interact with the staff as their spacious runs are cleaned, and they have an opportunity to play and exercise in one of our fenced play areas. You can choose to purchase additional daily nature walk or playtime for your dog if you would like.
We cannot board dogs that have a history of biting dogs or humans.
We cannot board aggressive dogs.
My dog had surgery, is it okay if he still has the stitches in?
Please no stitches, casts, splints, or bandaged wounds of any sort. The dogs play out in the yard where stitches and wounds may get dirty and the runs are sanitized every day so that a cast or a bandage may get wet. Here at Charlton Kennels we are very concerned about your dog's health and ask that you board your dog at your veterinary clinic while he or she is healing.
Can I bring my dogs bed?
No. Please no big beds, crates or blankets. It is OK to bring a small "blankee" or t-shirt bust just know you may not get it back. Safe treats and a few toys are OK too. Toys could get lost in the wash so nothing too precious!
Can I bring my 13 year old dog to the kennel?
Infirm, fragile or aged dogs who cannot walk or stand well should be boarded at a veterinary clinic or not at all.
My dog or cat is on medication. Can I bring his meds and is there an additional charge?
If your dog is cooperative, it's not a problem. We will administer oral or topical medications according to your veterinarian's instructions. There is no additional charge in most cases but we may add a daily $2-$4 charge if meds or even diets are ovely complicated.
We cannot give injections to or ‘force pill’ a dog or cat.
My dog has bitten visitors to my home in the past. Can I still board him?
No. We do not board dogs that bite or are aggressive.
My German Shepherd is about 100lbs and is aggressive towards other dogs. He's also pretty nervious with new people. Can he board with you?
No. We cannot board large, agressive dogs. They may become aggressive towards staff as well in a kennel setting. THey are also difficult to manage safely around other dogs. It simply isn't safe and it's not only stressful to the dog but to the staff as well.
What happens if my pet has a medical emergency and I’m away on vacation?
We'll collect emergency contact numbers from you when you check in. We will try to reach you or your contact as well as your veterinarian if an emergency arises. If we are unable to reach you, your contact, or your vet, we will either call our on-call veterinarian or take your pet to Dove Lewis Emergency Care in Northwest Portland. We will do everything we can to ensure you pet's good health and safety. You will be responsible for any medical costs incurred.
Do I need to bring bedding or food for my dog or cat?
We supply bedding, pans, and food. If your dog or cat is on a special diet you are welcome to bring your own brand of dog food, treats, etc. We are no longer accepting client bedding due to COVID 19. We have plenty of clean kennel bedding here.
Can I bring my dogs raw food diet?
Yes, BUT all meats and raw diets must be INDIVIDUALLY pre-packaged and labeled for each meal. They must be labeled clearly with your dogs name. It's wise to bring one or two additional meals in case you miss a flight or your return is delayed for some reason.
Should I do a short test stay with my dog?
If you or we have any concerns about your pup being a good boarder then a short 1 or 2 night test stay is a good idea. Shy dogs learn that we are great people and that the kennel is a fun and safe place., Nervous dogs make new friends and have fun new experiences. Energetic dogs enjoy some safe excercise. We may also learn that your dog has separation anxiety (has increased since Covid) or is very fearful. We want dogs to be comfortable and staff to be able to interact well with your pet. We can then give you some solid feedback on your dogs experience. Remember--We do not board aggressive dogs.
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