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Dog Obedience Training

Columbia Dog Training School at the Charlton Kennels

Dan Butcher—an AKC Agility Judge for almost 20 years and AKC Obedience Judge the previous 7 years—and his team of experienced and knowledgeable trainers have two great options for helping your dog become a well-mannered family member. To see happy training clients visit our Instagram training page at

Dan and Boom
Dan and Boom

10 day Head-start Puppy Program

Have a young dog that could use some training and guidance to be a better mannered pup? We are now offering a ten day board and train program. Our fantastic team of trainers will be teaching and enforcing fundamental directional cues such as;

Not pulling on leash/loose lead walking
Go to bed
Off/not jumping

Your puppies stay includes a daily training session, walking on our gorgeous 170 acre farm, play time, daily peanut butter Kong, free bath, half hour one-on-one training session upon completion, and a cute bandana! Your completion session can be scheduled any day except on Sunday or major holidays.

Offered to dogs under two years old. Dogs need to be friendly with strangers as this is a short tem training program. All dogs must be fully immunized and current on required vaccinations. This generally means pups need to be at least 16 weeks old. Remember that this is a head-start program and as with all dogs—but especially young ones—your responsibility will be to consistently reinforce cues and lessons as your puppy grows. Call 503-708-7582 for questions or to schedule your pup.
Cost of the 10 day program is $800

Karen and Zero
Karen and Zero

30 Day Obedience

A month long, daily obedience program not only teaches important directional cues but also reinforces them daily and for an extended time. The 30 day length is optimal for helping dogs to remember and creates great muscle memory for the dogs. Good behaviors become more automatic because of the extended reinforcement. Directional cues include the above plus; heel, here, okay, stay, etc. Trainers may also work on off-leash recall. Cost of the 30 day program is $2000

Space is limited in both programs. Call or text Dan at 503-708-7582 with questions or to make reservations. To see happy training clients visit our Instagram training page at

Refresher Training while boarding at Charlton Kennels

Once your dog has completed either training program, our trainers can also offer refreshment training while boarding. Refresher training sessions are $14 each.

More about Columbia Dog Training School

Columbia Dog Training School has been training dogs in the Portland area and at Charlton Kennels for over 30 years. Dan Butcher, the owner, comes from a family of well-respected dog trainers and has over 30 years of experience training dogs. Dan has been an AKC Agility judge for 15 years and judged AKC Obedience for seven years prior to being an agility judge. Dan has trained two of his own Golden Retrievers that are in the Golden Retriever Club of America’s Hall of Fame. One for agility, the other for obedience. Both Goldens earned Master level titles as well. Dan was the youngest AKC Obedience judge ever approved at the age of 22 and has judged at the AKC National Championships. Dan and his trainers have trained hundreds if not thousands in every shape, size and breed. The trainers are patient, consistent, yet gentle. They use lots of treats for positive reinforcement along with plenty of encouragement and praise. Behaviors that the trainers cannot address at the kennel are housebreaking (which must be done at home of course), or aggressive behavior. You can also talk with the trainers about in-home follow up training. All dogs entering our training programs must be current on these vaccinations; Rabies, Canine Influenza, Bordetella, Distemper and Parvo. Your vet may recommend others as well including Leptospirosis, Hepatitis and Parainfluenza.

geese flying on farm
Thousands of geese and sandhill cranes lift off from one of the farm fields.