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Dog Obedience Training

Columbia Dog Training School

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good offColumbia Dog Training School has been training dogs in the Portland area and at Charlton Kennels for close to 20 years. In their 30-day obedience program, your dog is boarded at the kennel, receiving daily walks,and training, as well as play, light grooming, and bathing. Eleven basic obedience commands are taught and at the end of the third week and upon completion you meet with the trainer and dog. The end goal is a delightful and well behaved companion.

And because follow-up and consistency are so important, the private follow-up lessons are included.

30-day obedience program fee

The cost for the total program is $900.00, and includes any necessary one-on-one follow-up lessons with a trainer.

Jane and Copper
Jane and Copper

About the owner

Jane Smith is the owner of Columbia Dog Training. Dog manners and behavior are her business. In her spare time, she shows her award winning Golden Retrievers, Ben, Copper, Rex, and Abby in Obedience trials.

Always patient and consistent, yet gentle, the trainers can teach most any dog. They will meet with you so that you can learn how to make your dog understand that the new rules apply at home, too. Dogs are so clever and will test you to see if you know the appropriate behaviors, too! The trainers will use lots of treats as positive reinforcement and plenty of encouragement and praise. Behaviors that the trainers cannot address at the kennel are housebreaking (which must be done at home, of course), or very aggressive dogs. Give us a call if you have questions or to make an appointment with the trainers: 503-621-3675.

All dogs entering the training program must be current on these vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, and Parvo. Your vet may recommend others as well, including Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza.

Dog Obedience Refresher Training Course

For those dogs who have already been through our regular 30 day Obedience Training Program at Charlton Kennels, a refresher course is available while boarding at the kennel at a charge of $7.00 extra per day. If your dog seems to be slipping — she doesn't come running when you call, or he's jumping up on the company again — a brief refresher course will help remind your dog of the rules he learned last time. Dogs are furry opportunists and a gentle reminder that they really do know the rules works wonders.

My husband Matt and I adopted a one-year-old, male boxer in the fall of 2014. Initially, he seemed to be a happy-go-lucky pup who was full of frenetic energy, had a penchant for uncontrollably wiggling his butt, and knew three basic commands: sit, lie down, and shake. We renamed him Charles. However, being a rescue dog, he came to us with little background information. Once he settled down in our home, Charles began to exhibit some troubling emotions and behaviors. He was highly excitable on walks and aggressively pulled while on leash. He was also very protective of the house, incessantly barking at the slightest noise. I came to discover that he suffers from separation (and general) anxiety and sporadic leash aggression. I knew he needed professional help outside of his vet. After countless hours of research, I chose to contact the Columbia Dog Training School at Charlton Kennels and was referred to Beth Smith. After speaking with her, Matt and I decided to enroll Charles in the 30-day obedience boot camp. To say I have been pleased with the results is an understatement. What I really appreciate about working with Beth is her authenticity and frankness. Before she agreed to train Charles, she made it perfectly clear to me that she was not a miracle worker. She recognized the intensity of his emotional and behavioral issues, and realized, like I did, he was going to be a work in progress. Since she’s been working with him, Charles has become much more manageable. He’s always been an exceedingly sweet and loving dog. Now, he no longer pulls on his leash, knows over 10 commands, and seems happier. And although he continues—and probably will continue for the rest of his life—to have his bad days and episodes, Matt and I now have the tools to handle them, for which I’m forever grateful. Beth is very attentive, accommodating, and a great resource. She goes out of her way to make herself available via text/phone when I have any questions or concerns regarding Charles. I really don’t know how I would have been able to deal with him without her. And I’m so glad I don’t have to. I highly recommend Beth as a trainer, and have nothing but praises for the entire staff at Charlton Kennels—they do their best to make their canine guests feel comfortable and loved, and it shows. If Charles could speak, he would emphatically agree. ”
— Tomy Huynh
obedience ribbon
Beth with her Sheltie Lilly
geese flying on farm
Thousands of geese and sandhill cranes lift off from one of the farm fields.